Exploring Macau & first night of Hong Kong 

Leaving Singapore I flew to Hong Kong and caught a ferry straight to Macau for 2 nights. In Macau I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, the hotel was definitely luxuries and had a fantastic view. I was able to see the Parisian Hotel and the half-scale Eiffel Tower in the front, which was beautiful. The hotel was beautiful, neat and the staff were fantastic.

Now when you are in Macau there are a few things that I recommend going to do. The Macau Water Show is one of them and is absolutely a must! The show is amazing, the show mixes Cirque De Soleil with water to give you a jaw dropping performance. I would also recommend going to Po’s Kung Fu Feast. It is a good way to start your morning with plenty of food to choose from and you get so see your favourite Dreamworks characters. There is a variety of foods to choose from such as, dumplings, egg tarts, noodles, congee and so much more.

Fast forward 2 nights and I am in Hong Kong for my first night. Now I have been to Hong Kong before and have loved each and every part of it with no hotel issues. This time round, I had issues with the room I was given. The hotel is a 4 star hotel and the first room I was placed in was a standard room with a queen size bed. The room looked great in the photos, however, as we all know we should not always trust photos.

The room I was put in was no where near 4 star standard it was outdated, had a constant damp smell and had stains on the wall and carpet. Now I am not one to complain and neither is my partner so the room would have been fine, however, when night hit both my partner and I were sitting in the bed with fear. At night  without the natural light, the artifical lights used to light the room accentuated the stains on the wall and carpet and you could see faded out red stains on the carpet, clear marks on the wall that looked like something bad had gone down in the room and scurbing marks on the wall. At first I thought I was just paranoid and over reacting, but after both of us having a shower in the bathroom we were both extremely uncomfortable and ready to get out of the room.

The bathroom was extremely small with a bath that also acted as a shower, the smell was a lot worse, the toilet seat was broken and you constantly felt as though someone was watching you. At this point we were both ready to move, but because it was 11 o’clock we thought it would be best to sleep and get a room change in the morning. We both tried to to sleep but all you could hear was a constant rattle of something in the roof and the noise from the street since the window was broken and could not shut properly. To make things worse the walls began to have this clicking noise, the sound would go away when the lights were on but would begin again once they are off.

By 2 o’clock in the morning both my partner and I had enough and packed our bags. We went to the lobby and got our room changed to a new one, at that point we were exhusted from no sleep and were willing to pay any price to be moved. The hotel staff were fantastic and moved us within minutes with no extra charge, however, that could have been because there had been similar complaints about the room already. The room had a strange eeriness that cannot be explained, you did not feel safe in that room at all.

My partner and I are now in a new room and it is so much better. The room modern and more of like 4 star hotel room. So far the rest of our stay has been a lot more pleasant.



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