[Unboxing] February Bella Box

I received my Bella Box while I was on holiday and forgot all about it, so when I got home I was pleasantly surprised. This month I received 5 items and 3 bonuses. Here is what I received in my Bella Box and information from the information card in the box. I am interested to know if anyone received anything different.

[NYX Baked Blush]

‘Baked to perfection, this buildable blush formula from cult beauty brand NYX, provides a sheer luminous finish. Brush on for a light flush of color or apply with a damp makeup sponge for more intensity.’

I have yet to try this product and am excited to do so, however, I think the color that I got sent might be a bit to bright for my liking.

[Majic Beauty Eye Majic]

‘ Whether you consider yourself a makeup guru or a beauty rookie, this instant eyeshadow is perfect for everyone! Apply directly to the eye as advertised on the packaging for a pearl finish which can be blended to your liking.’

There are a few reviews out there on this product and they do not seem to be that good. I am not that excited to try this product but, will give it ago because who knows it might work well for me.

[Glamourflage Sam Smoulder Facial Mask]

‘Fun & fabouos! This mask will instantly refresh and moisturise your skin for a radiant complexion. Refer to product for usage instructions.’

This is another product that I am not that excited to try since it is just another face mask to me.

[Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+]

‘Taking care of your skin and using daily sun protection is essential. With lightweight, non-greasy matte-finish formula, Neutrogena is perfect for all year round wear.’

This is a sunscreen that I am excited to try since I have tried their other products and they seem to work well on my skin.

[Klorane Shampoo with quinine and B Vitamins]

‘Restore volume and thickness to your locks! Perfect for all hair types, Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B vitamins is designed to strengthen keratin and maintain health hair growth.’

My feelings are neural at the moment for this product since hair products are usually a hit or miss for my damaged hair. Not sure if I will be trying this product straight away since my hair is starting to look better with the products I am using now.



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