Tips On Easing Back Into Exercising

Since I have come back from Singapore and Hong Kong, I have found it quite difficult to get back into routine since I have been busy with work and family events. 2 weeks have past and I am finally in some sort of routine, I have been doing Blogilates 6 days a week, stretching everyday (including Fridays) and resting on Fridays. I thought I would share my tips on easing back into exercise, for anyone one like me who has been finding it difficult. Especially if you have been on holidays or away for 2 and a half weeks like I have been.

[Begin with what works for you]

If you find that you can only commit to one a day a week, then great! Don’t feel like you have to go straight back and start exercising 6 days a week. When you start to get comfortable, start adding more days and building yourself up. Doing too much straight away can overwhelm you.

[Take rest days] 

Recovery is a part of exercise! Make sure you take the time out to rest and let your body properly heal. I find stretching is the best on my rest days, that way I still feel like I did some form of exercising without overworking my body. However, in saying that make sure you do light stretches that are not too much on your body.

[Buddy up]

If you find that you lack the motivation after so long, it is time to buddy up. Having a friend to exercise with you gives you the extra motivation. Plus you are less likely to cancel if someone is there waiting for you.

[Set goals or do a 30 day challenge] 

Setting goals helps motivate and keep you on track. Set goals and reward yourself so you you have something to look forward to. 30 day challenges are a good way to start if you have no idea what to start with. It gives you set exercises everyday that focus on good form and targeted areas.

[Plan a head] 

Avoid making exercise a ‘maybe’ by planning in advance, that way you are more likely to do it. Plan your bag in advance, that way you do not really have an excuse to not exercise or go gym. Packing your bag and leaving it in a place that you always go, also acts a reminder to exercise.

At the moment I am still working on incorporating pole dancing back into my routine since my work roster has been all over the place. Once I am more settled into my routine I am looking at trying Barre at Aleenta Barre and hopefully if I like it and all goes well I will  bring it into my routine. What are some of your tips for getting back into exercise and what exercise would be good to try?  I hope my small tips help and good luck !



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