[Review] Beauty Bakerie Hot Cocoa set

Beauty Bakerie Liquid Matte Lip Whip are long lasting, waterproof and smudge proof. When it comes to lip products I prefer them to be matte and long wearing, so after hearing all these reviews and watching as many videos as I can about Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips I just had to try them. Now I have had the Hot Cocoa set for a while now as shown on my instagram and thought I would finally review them since I have had so long to test and wear them.

The set comes with 6 Lip Whips and is limited edition, however, all the colors can be purchased individually. Unfortunately, I lost one of the Lip Whips, ‘French Toast’ while I as out one night so I can’t show you guys what it looks like.

Top to Bottom: S’mores D’oeuvres, Gingersnap, Louvre Palace, Fortune Cookie, Swiss Mocha Frappe

The set consists of the following colors

  • S’mores D’oeuvres
  • Swiss Mocha Frappe
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Louvre Palace
  • Gingersnap
  • French Toast ( lost)

[S’mores D’oeuvres]

S’mores D’oeuvres

The darkest shade of the batch, it is a rich dark brown that I find can be quite flattering. I found that the formula for this shade was a little bit streaky and you needed to apply it a few times to get an even rich color.

[Swiss Mocha Frappe]

Swiss Mocha Frappe

This is a lovely cool toned grey, mixed with a bit of brown and I think purple.  I think the color would looks great for a bold but subtle look. The formula for this shade was not as streaky, making it easy to apply.

[Fortune Cookie] Second favorite

Fortune Cookie

A everyday neutral shade, with pink and brown undertones. This shade is not streaky at all and is perfect for an everyday look. I have been wearing this shade almost everyday to work.

[Louvre Palace]

Louvre Palace

Is a light pink shade mixed with brown. However, in saying that I found that for other people the shade can look more coral then pink. This shade is a little bit streaky on my lips but, not as streaky as some of the darker shades.

[Gingersnap] My favorite


A warm red mixed with a bit of brown, the perfect shade when you want a muted red lip. You have to apply a few layers for an even application but, it is totally worth it!


The packaging for Lip Whips are simple and cute. They have a nice feel in your hands and don’t feel cheap at all. The packaging is clear making it easy to find the color that you want to use. The applicator is your standard doe foot applicator. However, because the applicator is a little long it is a bit difficult to apply the product.


The Lip Whips dry matte and have a fantastic formula. It stays all day, is transfer proof and smudge proof. It stays on really well, unless you eat something extremely oily. I also found that the formula for the darker colors were a bit more patchy then the lighter shades. Once dry there is still a bit of a sticky feeling but, not to the point that your hairs stick to your lips when the wind blows. Your lips do start to feel a bit dry during the day but you can apply lip balm straight on top without having to worry the color will transfer everywhere.


The Lip Whips are great for every day use, unless you don’t like your lips feeling too dry. The pros of the lip whips is that it stays all day and it doesn’t transfer so you can have a coffee without lipstick going all over your cup. The only con I have is that the product is a a bit difficult to apply and take off, the long applicator makes it a bit difficult to keep a steady hand. However, in saying that it isn’t something that you can’t practise. To remove the lip whip you need to use an oil remover and let it soak in a bit before you try to wipe it off.

Packaging: 4/5

Formula: 4.5/5

Total: 4.25/5


Yes! I love the way they feel on my lips, and I love the range of colors that are available. Excited to get my hands on a few more colors.

Top to Bottom: S’mores D’oeuvre, Gingersnap, Louvre Palace, Fortune Cookie, Swiss Mocha Frappe

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips have a large selection of colors and I can’t wait to try some of Beauty Bakerie’s other products as well. Let me know what your favorite color was and your opinion on the lip whips.



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