[Review] Tonymoly Inked Cushion Liner

If you are into cute packaging, like I am then you are going to absolutely love the Tonymoly Inked Cushion Liner. When I saw the eyeliner while shopping in Hong Kong I just had to buy it! Okay,  I admit I bought this eyeliner solely because it looks cute. They have a variety of different shades, but I just got the one in 01 Black.



The eyeliner is meant to be an intense liquid-gel type cushion liner, that will provide a clean and smooth application.


There is not much to say about the packaging of this product except for CUTE! It looks great on the vanity and it makes me feel just a little bit fancy. However, in saying that the product it self is quite small, making all the extra packaging a little  but unnecessary.

The brush applicator comes as a plastic quill, that has a slim design. The design is easy to hold and surprisingly gives you  steady control. The brush tip is small and is tapered to a point. At first I though the brush would be terrible and rough on the eyes, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft the brush is and how easy it glides across my eye.



The texture is smooth and glides on easily. The eyeliner is also more liquid then it is gel and definitely applies like a liquid eyeliner.  When I swatched the eyeliner on my arm it was pigmented and smooth, so I was super excited to try it on my eye. However, on my eye I  found the black to be too sheer and uneven. It is buildable but I found that when I was building up the layers it started to flake off and get lighter instead of darker, in the end I gave up and went back to my normal eyeliner. I think if you were going to apply multiple layers you would need to wait for it to completely dry before applying another layer so it doesn’t flake as much, which can be a tedious.



I found the eyeliner to be average, it isn’t something really great that you need to have right now but, it also isn’t something that I would use all the time. My favorite part of the eyeliner is the brush and I feel like I would use the brush with my other gel liners more.

Packaging: 4/5

Formula: 1.5/5

Total: 2.8/5


No, like I said the eyeliner isn’t the best but it also isn’t the worse. I only got the eyeliner for the packaging so now that I have it and have tested it I don’t see myself buying another one or trying out any of the other colors since it flakes so much.

I’m a little bit disappointed in this eyeliner since it didn’t really work out well for me. There are definitely better eyeliners out there that you could get, but in saying that the eyeliner isn’t too bad if you don’t mind having to do lots of layers. Let me know what other cute packaging items I should try and, what is your favorite eyeliner?



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