[Review] Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack

Sorry for not posting last week! I’ve been busy with work and lost internet so wasn’t able to check or post anything. I rearranged my schedule and found that Tuesdays are best for me, so I will now be posting on Tuesdays! (:

In my last post, Innisfree Haul, I briefly spoke about this product and how it was working for my skin. I thought I would do a more detailed review of this sleeping pack since my skin has been absolutely loving it.


Enriched with squeezed green tea from the pure Jeju Island to delivery abundant moisture and nourishment deep into your skin.


The sleeping mask comes in a green plastic container and contains 80ml of product. I found the packaging to be cute and lightweight. It isn’t anything fancy, but it also doesn’t feel cheap. The packaging is quite sturdy which is great since I’ve dropped it a couple of times already. (I’m clumsy….) The down side to the packaging is that it doesn’t come with a spatula so you have to use your fingers to scoop out the product.



The formula is almost like a gel consistency and is lightweight on the skin. It doesn’t feel to heavy, but it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry. The pack contains small, white bead like capsules that melt and dissolve as you rub the product in. It does have a slightly sticky feeling but, it isn’t too bad that everything sticks to your face. However, that being said I find that once the pack is fully rubbed in and absorbed the sticky feeling goes away. You don’t need much product to apply over your whole face, so the pack will last quite a long time considering you get 80ml. A little goes a long way.

Scent wise the sleeping pack is smells fresh and doesn’t smell like a bunch of chemicals. It smells like a mix of flowers with a slight hint of green tea. The smell isn’t overpowering and doesn’t linger once you have applied the pack.


After applying the sleeping pack overnight, I found my skin to be soft and hydrated in the morning. I have combination skin and usually in the mornings my skin is more towards the dry end but, with this sleeping pack I haven’t had that issue. I have also noticed that even though my face is hydrated it isn’t overly oily. I have had this issue with other sleeping packs that I have tried.


Overall my skin has worked great with this product. It has been less dry and feels great in the morning. You definitely need to wash your face in the morning though, even if it is just with water otherwise your face will get really oily and that isn’t good for your skin. There were a few days I was lazy and didn’t wash it off and my face was really oily that it felt gross.

Packaging: 3.5/5

Formula: 5/5

Result: 5/5

Total: 4.5/5


YES! I love this pack and the way it has changed my skin. Would recommend you guys try this

I hope everyone has a great week! Let me know what another good sleeping pack to try is in the comments (: See every next Tuesday!



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