What I got for my Birthday!

Hello and welcome to Tuesday! Last Friday was my birthday and I thought I would share what I did and what I received. I’m not sharing to make anyone jealous or anything like that so if you don’t like these type of blog posts please exit now……….

If you are still here let move forward and see how I spent my day. Please excuse the terrible photos. My lighting wasn’t that great so I just did what I could.

My birthday was on a Friday, 19 May, so it was basically a normal day for me. I woke up like normal and went to work. At work I received some roses from my work which were very pretty and made me smile. Of course there was cake, whenever it is someone’s birthday we have cake.

The roses from work and a peony, from one of my friends. She got me flowers for my birthday as well.

After work I went home to have dinner with my partner, we went out to have dinner. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the food but, it was quite yummy. We had pomegranate chicken and some sort of fish which I cannot think of the name right now…  When we got home we had some cake and I got my presents. He got me 3 pairs of shoes and a weight set. I got a pair of black ankle boots, DrMartens and a pair of sneakers, which I posted a photo of on my Instagram.

My parents give me money every year so this year wasn’t any different, my siblings chipped in to get me a Lorna Jane voucher, so when I spend that I will do a blog about my haul.

Monday night, I had dinner with my close friends and one of them got me a jar of assorted chocolates. I didn’t realise till I got home but, the jar of chocolates also had money hidden in it, I am yet to find all of them. My other friends all gave me money since I don’t really need anything and am currently saving for a house.


I don’t usually celebrate my birthday and if I do, it is usually just dinner or something small. This year I wasn’t planning to do anything at all but, my close friends decided that I had to at leat do dinner. All in all I enjoyed my birthday and am glad that I have such amazing friends to share it with.

That is all for this week. Until next week, stay happy and healthy. (:



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