[Pole Dancing] Butteryfly 

Over the last few weeks I have been really into Pole Dancing. I’ve started to do 2 classes a week, routine on Wednesdays and a tricks class on Sundays. Doing 2 classes a week has really helped me perfect moves and I feel like I am making progress. In saying that I wouldn’t say I’m a pro or that I am super great. I have just found myself taking more photos because I feel happy and confident.

It has been really cold here lately so certain moves are hard to get into and I just can’t seem to get a good grip for certain moves. Here is a quick photo of me doing the butterfly a move that I learned a while ago but I never really did it properly or was ever happy with the move.

It’s not a complicated move but it is pretty and it doesn’t require too much grip which is great. I can’t wait to do more tricks and share it with everyone. Please don’t judge I’m still learning. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram page dedicated to pole dancing, or my everyday/ beauty Instagram page.

Until next time, stay happy and health.



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