[Unboxing] June Bella Box

Hello! I just got my June Bella Box yesterday and couldn’t wait to show it to everyone. This months box is called ‘Winter Wind-Up,’ I received a total of 5 products in this months box.  I apologise in advance that the photos are not of the best quality since I only got the box yesterday and I am currently staying at my brother’s house while he is away and the lighting isn’t the best here. Let go on to the box ~

[Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss]


‘The first ever lipstick collection created by UK supermodel Kate Moss, Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick are loved by beauty gurus around the globe. Available in satin and matte, there is a colour and finish to suit every personality.’

I actually already have one of these lipsticks, so I was quite surprised to get another one in this month’s box. The colour I received is called ‘Kiss of Life’ which is a deep red, perfect for winter. I actually tried the colour on as soon as I opened the box and really like the colour, the red looks like it is cool tone, but on my lips it looked a little warm. I’m not too sure if that is because the lighting here is bad or the colour is actually like that

[Sukin Australia Chia Seed Oil]


‘Brighten your skin in just a few drops with this nutrient rich facial oil. The nourishing bled includes Hemp Seed, Olive Fruit and Baobab Oils to promote intense skin hydration.’

Keen to try this since my skin has been really dry. My skin is usually more dry during winter but, this is the first time it has been this dry. When I tried it on my hand, it didn’t feel too heavy so I’m keen to see how it feels on my face.

[Nivea Creme Mini Tin]


‘Winter is coming and so is dry skin. Luckily this month every bellabox member will be treated to a cute and compact tin of NIVEA Creme- so you can keep your skin moisturised on the go.’ 

Very excited to receive this in the box, like I said my skin has been really dry and to make it worse my brother doesn’t have any moisturiser at his house. I put this on my hands and I found it to be quite thick. However, with that being said it absorbs well and it doesn’t leave a tacky feeling on your hands.

[Uspa Skincare]


‘This month you will receive a luxurious skincare product from Uspa. Born in Melbourne with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Uspa dedicated to pure skincare that utilises the best of nature through science.’

In this month’s box I received the Neem Seed Shampoo which is good since my shampoo has run out and I haven’t had the time to go buy a new bottle yet. Excited to see how this works on my hair, my hair is quite damaged from bleaching and colouring.

[Nutraplus Intensive Anti Dryness Lotion]


‘Save your skin from harsh winds and dry air with this handy tube of Intensive Anti Dryness Lotion that will target dehydrated skin patches and help restore the skin’s natural barrier.’

I don’t really like this product since it feels kinda funny on my skin, but my partner loves it. He says it hydrates his skin and keeps them from getting to dry at work.

This months box is quite interesting and most of the products in the box are things that I am excited to try. Overall I am happy with this month’s box and I think it suits the theme really well. I will keep you posted on how I go with all the different products.

Until next week, stay happy and healthy.



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